Small update on word count, progress and word goal.

Good Evening!

Had a couple days away from the devlogs while I've been working full time and also working on the game but we're back! 

And by we I mean me. I'm back. Hope everyone's day is going well, I'm currently writing this devlog from work so there's going to be a severe lack of images here and I do apologise for that one. 

Anywho, we've got a lot of progress on the first chapter of Ineptitude! This morning I got up a lot earlier than normal to continue writing a character called the "Iron Wall". Does he sound scary? I tried. Bit of a spoiler here though, he's actually kinda lonely. Give the guy a shoulder and hope he doesn't crush it. 

Big news as well, we've hit the 10,000 word mark. Please, save the confetti cannons because we've got another 10,000 to go. 

Another devlog will be coming out tonight with images because images make everything less boring. 

Once again, thanks for all the support that everyone has shown. We are still growing! 



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