Research and Inspiration + Small changes to demo

Good Evening!

Firstly, I'll run over the small change to the demo as it's a very minor change and I'm giving it a test run to see what people think:

- Added a function to the left and right arrow keys. When the right arrow key is pressed, the text skips forward a line. When the left arrow key is pressed, the text skips backwards a line (just added that in incase you wanted to do that, there's no real reason beyond that).

-Increased text speed (hence the reason for the update). This change was made thanks to FEEDBACK! Overall people were saying that the speed of the text is a little too slow for their reading speed and a kind user by the name of WDracaena said that hitting space and revealing all the text was maybe a little TOO much information at once. (Thank you to WDracaena and congratulations on the popularity of your first game, it's a great little game and I highly recommend anyone reading this to try it if they've some time spare).

-Added a new art piece for Stitches, the Merchant. (Smug Stitches)

-Changed title screen text slightly.

(In the future, new music will be added. I know the 8 second loop becomes tiresome).


For some reason, I hadn't actually delved in to too many old text-based adventure games before starting the development of Ineptitude, which I probably should have. Today, I've taken a couple well known titles from the past and a couple from the present and started a little research into WHAT makes these titles so unique. I'll be continuing to research as time goes on, but I've already found a great deal of inspiration from Knight Orc, a game from 1987! The tone of the game is brilliant: You play as an Orc called Grindleguts who, just like our 'protagonist', isn't exactly a good guy. Sure, our unnamed peasant might not be a bad guy, but he sure as hell doesn't want to be in where he's ending up.

Similarly, Grindleguts goes on a night out with the boys and ends up waking up to a jousting match where he is taped to the horse. The rest of the game is all about getting back at the boys for getting him in such a big mess. I feel that a lot of the humour in this game is very, very like my own. For that reason, I'll be playing the game through in between coding sessions and taking a page out of their book in terms of storytelling. It's hard to write a story. I think anyone who has legitimately tried to write a novel can tell you that. However, this text adventure is a wonderful source of inspiration to me. After all, the game was made as a homage to my time playing D&D with my buddies!

Anyway, I'd just like to thank those who read these devlogs. Your continued interest is more than I can hope for and, as stated before, I'll eventually have this game up on Steam. Here's hoping it's sooner rather than later!

Cheers to all!



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