Loads of progress and plans for a steam release.

Good evening!

A small update on how things are going in terms of chapter development today: I'm happy to share that Chapter 1 is well on its way to completion. This chapter will have you really setting in place what the plot of the game is. The art you see here is for a character known as "Judge Misken" an intelligent and holy judge for the King's Sun Legion. Currently there are plans for FOUR separate possible plot lines and a 5th currently being mapped out. To some, that might sound like a lot of work to be putting out as I'm essentially making 5 different text adventures as a solo developer. 

And you wouldn't be wrong. However, for a new chapter to be released each storyline must be worked on an equal amount. This reasoning is why I opted for a more chapter based system as opposed to just releasing all of the game in one big go. If anything, this give people an opportunity to try out the game and see if they like it before taking the monetary plunge. 

Which reminds me: I would like to get this game on Steam as soon as possible. To do that, I'd need to raise about £100. Overtime I will be able to find the funds necessary to do this, but if I am able to reach that goal by generous donations, I will gladly make the first chapter a free addition to the demo version of the game. On top of that, anyone that donates £3 or more will receive the whole game for free upon each new chapter release. For every subsequent £2 after the £3 mark (£5, £7, £9, etc) you will get an additional copy of the game, incase you'd like to share it with a friend. 

I ask for this purely out of wanting to get the game on Steam as soon as possible. If nobody donates, its absolutely fine, I understand entirely. 

If anyone does you've my sincerest gratitude for helping me fulfill my ambition. 

Either way, to all reading, thank you for joining me on my development journey. 


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