Updated Text and Sound!

Good Evening!

I've recently been trying to get a typewriter effect in the game - which has proven difficult due to how my text system is set up (which is ironic, because I set it up the way I did for ease). However, as you can see in the video, I've managed to not only get a typewriter function in the game, but add a typing sound, which loops indefinitely. The typing ceases when there are no more letters to print in the text box, so I believe it feels quite authentic. 

As well as that, if you do not like the typewriter effect, you can simply press the space key to skip the text to the end, which also stops the sound effect.

There has been some minor audio balancing as well, as before the music was much too loud. I do believe, however, I made it much too quiet! I'll be experimenting with proper audio balancing in the future, as well as adding a menu so that the player can turn off the music/sound effects if they desire.

A Quick Thanks

This game has done MUCH better in it's early days than I anticipated, people seem to be interested in it! I can't thank you enough to those who have decided to support my work early. I'd just like to say I greatly appreciate it.

So, thank you!


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