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Good Morning!

Great news, the demo for Ineptitude has been launched! You can find it as a separate product in my collection

The demo shows off the tutorial for the game, as well as a series of mechanics and general writing style that will be prevalent throughout the development process. You meet a character that may or may not come back a little later, have the possibility to obtain a couple of items that influence the next chapter and, hopefully, will have a good time experiencing the different paths.

However, as it is a demo, the demo ends the same way in all scenarios. The important thing is what you're picking up in this demo, as it will have a great bearing on what happens in the first chapter of the game. The demo MAY get updated, allowing you to see what the items influence, but we'll have to see.

Otherwise, the game will be released in chapters, meaning that as soon as I have finished a Chapter, the game will be uploaded on this page.

All the people from the My First Game Jam Discord can contact me and receive this game absolutely free at all times, as a thank you for the encouragement they gave me.

Thank you again, everyone, for taking an interest in my game.


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Feb 16, 2019

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